WIWW-Styling the Bump at 35 Weeks



Vest: Altered Here, Shirt: Target Maternity, Skirt: Garage Sale, Watch: ONE little MOMMA

I had to speak in church last week (and I wore this). At our church members of the congregation speak each week on assigned topics rather than a pastor speaking every week. It had been a while since I have spoken and it is always nerve wracking. I was asked to speak on “Finding Joy in Recognizing and Overcoming Our Weaknesses” which honestly couldn’t have been a more inspired and difficult topic to give me. If you read last week’s post, becoming okay with my shortcomings has been a lifelong struggle. So I said a few prayers, tried to apply what I have been learning about myself to the task, and went for it. And guess what? It went so well. I said what I needed to say, I was open and the best comment I received afterwards was that it was the most ‘real talk’ that that person had ever heard. WIN! There really is joy in accepting and overcoming things that are hard.



Hat: Charlotte Russe, Top: Old Navy Maternity, Pants: Old Navy Maternity (altered here), Shoes: DSW, Earrings: Target

On a lighter note, I haven’t worn this top yet during this pregnancy because it just seems SO maternity. Like it has the empire waist with the tie in the back. I love the fabric, but the concept isn’t so much my style. Anyway, I think I overcame that with this outfit. I paired with with other pieces that are more edgy and I think it worked. Try toning down a piece that might seem too sweet in your wardrobe by throwing on some patched (or destroyed) denim, a cuff, and a boyish hat.


  1. I am so glad that I find you each week via The Pleated Poppy. I'm loving your looks. I hated tops like that while pregnant too but the jeans make it work. You look gorgeous!

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  2. I am in love with that skirt! I never find anything good at garage sales.

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  4. Those patched jeans are great! Gap and Old Navy were my favorite stores to buy maternity when I was pregnant with my daughter.

  5. I love your little baby bump! So adorable!! Cute pair of jeans and that vest!! :)


  6. That outfit is so cute. I need to hunt more at garage sales. I saw u at target tonight and almost said hi, but not sure how you feel about strangers coming up and saying hi. I did at Michael's that one time though . Your boys are so cute. I hope my email did not seem wierd, just wanted to send you a hello. Have a great night.

  7. Look at you! Super cute at 35 weeks! :)

    BTW I have a great maternity giveaway on my site in case you're looking for more maternity styles. Ends tonight though! http://www.babblingsofamommy.com/2013/05/belly-dance-maternity-giveaway.html


  8. That maxi skirt is awesome. You look great!


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