WIWW- Maternity Fashion 34 Weeks




Hat: Charlotte Russe, Shirt: Target Maternity, Pants: GAP, Shoes: Thrifted

Now that I am nearing the end of this pregnancy, I find I am wearing a lot of my basic maternity tees over and over again with different accessories. They are comfortable, light weight and easy to style. Target had a great selection of fun colors this Spring and I bought multiple colors as they went on sale. This blue has been out of my normal color scheme, but really fun to wear. So when in doubt add a fun hat, a stack of bracelets and some interesting shoes to the basic tee and jeans maternity look.



Headband: Vintage Rose Wraps, Shirt: GAP Maternity, Pants: Thrifted (Old Navy Maternity), Shoes: Target

I was introduced to these headbands at my SNAP conference when I went to the Handmade Business Class. I loved learning about how they built their business and loved them even more when they gave all attendees a free wrap. This leopard wrap has been more my style than I initially thought and another great accessory to add to my basic tees.

On another note…thoughts about these capris? I am typically anti capris but I found these thrifting and grabbed them because they are maternity. I can’t decide if they are too ‘mommish’ and should be cut off into shorts, or if they are ok….. The problem I run up against with shorts is that my lovely pregnancy vericose veins are out in full force now that I am up near the end…So cut them or leave them????


  1. Gosh, you're the cutest pregnant lady ever.

  2. Look how cute you and your bump look! In love with that headband and those wedge shoes! I've been seeing a lot of the platform wedges, clearly that's a sign I need a pair :-))
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  3. pants look great definitely not too mommyish .. that blue is great in you !

  4. How cute are you? Love the cuffed jeans! Your bump is making me want to go for bambino number 3 and my youngest isn't even one yet. Haha!

  5. You are adorable!! Love those thrifted shoes too.

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  6. I don't think the jeans are too mommish at all. You look adorable.

  7. Im a fan of both your leopard wrap and the capris! I'm pretty sure you look cute in everything :)

  8. Love the gorgeous blue color of your maternity top! You look lovely!

    Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer

  9. LOVE the wrap! Leopard is a neutral - LOL!! And you make wearing the hat look so effortless - I always feel like I am trying to hard (even though I sported mine this week out of necessity!! LOL). The wedges in the first pic are great too - girl you RAWK being preggo!

  10. I love the headpieces in all of these pics! And love the baby bump.


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