Trend Spotting: How to Wear White Denim

I’m a big fan of colored jeans- I have some in almost every color, but I am loving a return to a clean and crisp look of black, white and neutrals. I picked up a pair of white maternity denim from Old Navy against my better judgement this Spring. White is not always mom friendly! That being said- I think there are places that white jeans can be worn and ought to be- just not at the park with toddlers!

Here are a few looks I am loving right now from Pinterest.

And here are a few ways you have seen me wear my white jeans.

1. Camel, black and white
2. Lace, denim jacket, nude heels
3. Denim jacket, animal print, wedges

In case you need a few more ideas here is a graphic I put together. Wear white with bright colors, neutrals or pastels- it all goes!

How to Wear White Denim

Have you purchased any white denim? More inclined to try a jacket? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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  2. I am deathly afraid of any color of jeans that aren't the original denim! Maybe this post will give me the confidence I need to try some different jean colors. Thank you!

  3. Which maternity jeans did you get from Old Navy? I love your looks and am on the hunt for cute maternity clothes. Love the outfit inspiration you've been posting :)

    1. I got these ones although I bought them for less. I think they were $19 at the time. I also hemmed them to a cropped length. They are a little snug fitting so I ordered up a size because I didn't want them to be too tight and white (see through).

  4. I so want to wear white denim bit with my son.. They would get dirty so fast!! Maybe in a year!!

  5. I just bought myself a pair from h&m for $10! This is giving me some more inspiration for how to wear them -- thanks!! xo


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