Trend Spotting: How To Wear Denim Vests


Denim jackets will always be classic, but a new piece of denim making a come back this year is the denim vest. They are sold out everywhere and are just beginning to make their place in the average women’s wardrobe. I did a tutorial earlier this year about the EASIEST and CHEAPEST way ever to make your own vest and today I want to share a few ways to style one. Here are just a few ways that I have worn mine during early Spring this year.

1. White tee and camo (or just printed) pants

2. Leopard scarf, black cropped skinnies, and wedges

3. Graphic baseball tee, bright midi-skirt and sandals

4. Bright tee, polka dots and wedges

denim-vest-maxi-skirt5. Neutral maxi skirt and basic white tee

Now that Spring and Summer are really here for most of us, I put together a few other options for how to wear this denim layer in the upcoming months. 

How to Wear: a Denim Vest

1. Try layering a denim vest with printed shorts and a basic tee.
2. A vest with a bright maxi dress is surprisingly cute.
3. Colored cropped jeans or just skinny jeans and a graphic tee will also make a great combo with a denim vest.

You will see a LOT more vests in general coming out this fall so start trying to work this easy piece into your wardrobe now. My mom even tried my tutorial and has gotten tons of compliments on how cute she looks in her denim vest. Pick the right vest for you and start experimenting!

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