SNAP Day 3: Outfit and Lessons Learned (Virtual Assistants and Object Photography)



Shirt: Target Maternity, Vest: Thrifted (altered here), Skirt and Shoes: Thrifted

Day three was also the last day of the conference. Like I said the day was packed with classes and then we had a nice dinner and dance party in the evening. Honestly- I was toast before the party even started so we didn't stay. We all went back to the hotel to pack for our 6 am departure. 

(I realize that if you don’t blog or own a handmade business then the class info that I will be sharing this week won’t too applicable. But I’ll have an outfit post each day so feel free to skip the info and just pin the outfit.) 

Virtual Assistants
*You can go wide or deep with your blog/business, but you can’t do both.
*To determine if you need virtual help know where you are at. Are you overwhelmed? Spending more time working than with your family? Losing creative juice because of the admin work?
*Make a list of all of the hats you wear and your responsibilities there. Look at list and decide what you want to do verses what you don’t want to do. Hire out help for the don’ts.
*A VA can free up your time and be your professional prioritizer.

Object Photography
*What to keep in your kit for shooting objects: magic eraser to clean surfaces, lens wipe for camera lens, scissors, tweezers, brush, and clamps.
*Background ideas: fabric, whiteboards, black foam boards, marble slab, painted wood, tiles, and wrapping paper.
*Prop ideas: ingredients or supplies from the project, vase, flowers, live plants and outside objects, tea towels, dishes, utensils, cake plates, etc.
*Do Pinterest searches to see how others have set up a photo shoot for the same item or type of item to get ideas.
*Add relevant props to your pictures. For example if you are photographing strawberrry cookies- think of adding real strawberries, strawberry blossoms, a vase, a cute plate or other ingredients from the cookies to the ‘set’.

This week you will be reading info on the rest of my classes. I'll update these links as the posts go live this week.

Virtual Assistants and Object Photography 


  1. I adore this outfit! My denim vest is one of my favorite non-maternity items right now. Love how you styled it!


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