InstaFriday: Adjusting Back To Real Life

It is InstaFriday again. Every Friday I try to share highlights from our week on Instagram. If you don't already follow me you can find us here.

After a great weekend away to myself at my blogging conference, I knew it would be an adjustment coming home. I knew the kids would be off of their schedule and that I was coming home exhausted. And I was definitely right. While the kids had a blast with their grandparents and with Dad, they were super tired and out of whack. I was too! It took three or four days for all of us to start readjusting to normal life. 

We spent our week back trying out all of the fun swag I brought back, doing laundry and organizing life. 


I let the boys try Pop Rocks for the first time. You can see by Kesler's face that it was definitely a new experience. 

The boys demonstrated how they had spent their time while I was gone. Soren has found a way to get more thrill out of this baby swing than I am sure anyone EVER has. They can go SO high in it!

Easton and I built another cardboard cereal box garage for his cars. We decorated it with some fun duct tape I got at my conference. I may have enjoyed decorating it more than he did!

And of course we added to the scenery by creating a race track for the cars. This boy does not get tired of playing 'Cars 2'. I however DO get tired of it. Any tips on increasing my imagination? I feel like that is the area I lack the most in as a mom!

We spent a lot of time as a family catching up too. After going to church together I caught Dad and the boys in the gym trying to shoot a few hoops. You can see some of them were a little nervous about it. 

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday afternoon so we spent the evening outside. After a walk the boys shot their bows in the front yard. It is amazing how good they are getting. I would never have thought my two and three year olds could let the arrows fly like they do!

Have a photo worthy weekend!  Linking up to Instafriday at Life Rearranged.

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  1. I love the cereal box car garage! I will have to do that with my five year old today. He will love it!


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