Baby Boy's Western and Rustic Nusery- REVEAL

Well, it's time. The big reveal for likely my biggest project EVER- the nursery! I am so. so in love with how it turned out. When I found out we were having a third boy I was first of all, totally shocked, but also felt super dried up on fresh boy ideas. It took some thinking, but this room has pushed me to create and be more creative than I thought I could be.  And it really has come together on its own. I love spending time in here and cannot wait for our little man to enjoy it too!!

Today's post is a lot of photos so bear with me as you keep scrolling, but I wanted to give all of the details proper attention!! I'll be linking up the tutorials for each specific project at the bottom as I post about them in the next month or so. 


This is the view from the hallway as you enter the room. We used Valspar's Perfect Storm blue on the walls and although I was nervous about how dark it would be, it turned out just like I imagined. It is bright enough during the day and really cozy at night.




I found this horse at a photography studio's closing sale. I love the personality he brings to the room- he makes it feel like a nursery!


I added the rope detail to this Ikea lamp to brighten up this corner a bit. The globe and tractor were both garage sale finds as well. The nightstand was free on the side of the road. It doesn't get cheaper (or better!) than that.


I designed and Soren build the headboard for the full-sized spare bed in this room. I wanted to keep a guest bed available and it fills the room up perfectly. We even brewed our own vintage stain for the headboard. I'll be sharing a how-to for both the headboard and the stain in the near future. The bedding is all from Ikea except for the throw pillows which I either made or bought at a garage sale.


The constellation wall is my absolute favorite part of the room. It fits in perfectly with the feel of the room and the color of the wall. The stars even glow at night from some glow-in-the-dark tape Soren put up on them. Expect a tutorial for this too!





The succulents are fake- but you wouldn't know it! I tend to kill any and all plants so I put together these faux succulents to add the illusion of something living in the room. I think they do the job well! The only thing I plan to add to the bookshelf is the baby's name in white wooden letters across the top. We haven't picked one yet or it would already be up. Here's to hoping we can decide on a name before we come home with the little guy!








I bought this fantastic bison print on Etsy from a darling shop called dimdimini. I loved so many of her animal watercolors, but this guy was my favorite.


The antlers were pulled off of a friend's barn. I couldn't believe my luck when they showed up at my door. I had Soren mount them to a wooden plaque for me and knew right where to hang them.


I created this arrow pillow by recovering an old pillow and using fabric glue to attach felt arrows to it. The crib sheets are also handmade in that I drew the pattern myself. A tutorial will be coming soon for those too.



Did you see this free nursery printable I recently created and blogged about? The alphabet is a must in a nursery and this print does the job perfectly. I found the little animal prints online as free printables and framed them in some Ikea frames. They have such little woodsy, vintage charm. The horse once belong to our toy box until I took it hostage and spray painted it green.



This glider is another one of my favorite parts of the nursery. Not only is it my favorite color and an amazing print- but the pillows are feather and feel wonderful to sit on!! I sure hope the baby loves it at much as I do!!



This scrappy fabric bunting seemed like the right filler for this corner of the room. I used scraps from many other projects in the room to tie the room together somewhat. I then filled it in with a lot of textured cream muslin. It was a very easy afternoon project that you could personalize in a million ways.


  1. I love your modern take on the baby nursery. It turned out great! In the midst of planning what mine will look like since I'm due in November :)

  2. WOW! I love it! It looks great and something that he will grow into. I also have three little boys close in age so I know what you mean! Congrats!
    (Oh and welcome to Social Fabric)

  3. It looks so great! I love the headboard and constellations.

  4. That is the best boy nursery ever! I love that color on the walls.

  5. Turned out sooo cute! Perfect to grow with him too...Love how it all came together!

  6. This is ADORABLE!!! So cute! I love that shade of blue! and I love everything you did! The crib sheet is super cute and the cushions on the rocking chair is perfect! Love the rag-banner you have above the rocking chair! Super cute room! Unique!

  7. Wow! Just wow! You did such a great job! Everything looks fantastic and ties together so perfectly. Made me smile because my son has a western nursery. It's more western/ Sherrif woody themed though. It has cowboy bedding and decor, the big stars, western blocks, a build a bear dressed in a woody costume, James' name done in rope art above the crib, and a cool toy story themed banner across the dresser. I should do pics sometime too :)

    I really really love the fabric scrap decor thing you did.. I would love to do something like that to add to my sons room! How exactly did you do it? What did you tie them all on? You should do a tutorial. I'm so not crafty but I may be able to handle it!!

  8. So cute! Everything works together very well. I love the color and the constellations look pretty awesome. You should enter/post it on project nursery :)

  9. You did an amazing job! What great creativity! I love the cute stuffed horse in the corner too!


  10. I loooove this nursery! I need to show this to my husband so that I can prove that I'm not crazy for wanting the nursery to also serve as a guest room. He loathes the idea but where will people sleep when they come to visit?! I know they can sleep on the couch but who wants to "vacation" and sleep on the couch?! I have yet to convince him (and I don't think I will be able to) so I will just live in the moment of your fabulous nursery. Great job!

  11. Such a beautiful nursery!! I love how unique this is and that headboard is amazing!! Looking forward to hearing about the arrival of your little guy!

  12. This room is absolutely adorable! I love the color on the wall, and I think it's the perfect mix between nursery and guest room! He will be able to grow with that room as he gets older. And CONGRATS! I'm so glad he's finally here!


  13. We are on our 2 second child and still use the honest diapers brand. With my 1st daughter we tried some less expensive brands and they all leaked. Honest NEVER LEAKED....My new little one is 4 months and sleeps all night long. When she gets up in morning, the diaper is so full to the max but the sheets and her clothing are all very dry!!
    honest co

  14. So sweet--I am sharing your constellation wall!

  15. Perfection! Loved every detail. Absolutely gorgeous and extremely creative!

  16. Perfection! Loved every detail. Absolutely gorgeous and extremely creative!

  17. Beautiful nursery! Where did you find the crib?


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