5 Chic Maternity Staples for Spring and Summer


This pregnancy has had me on both sides of the fence. At first I felt like struggled to figure out my maternity wardrobe and how to dress my changing body, but I also feel like I have successfully figured out ways to stay true to my personal style.I wanted to to share a few of my maternity staples that have helped me stay true to my style and kept me comfortable during the last seven months. Hopefully these ideas can inspire you pregnant (and not!) mommas out there to add a new staple to your wardrobe.

Chic Maternity Summer Basics

1. Printed cropped denim- I am a huge fan of colored and printed denim whether I am pregnant or not. There are so many choices out there. One pair of these trendy pants will instantly bump your fashion score and are easy to pair with all of those basic maternity tees that we all have. My favorite during this pregnancy has been my camo pair. I recommend cropped for Spring and Summer because they don't show too many varicose veins and it keeps things cool.

2. Denim jacket or vest- This is a closet staple no matter who you are, but I love that it is not a maternity item. Pair this with printed pants, skirts, knit dresses, or khakis. I wear my vest and my jacket to death and these won't be out of style for a long, long time.

3. Graphic tee- I have enjoyed spicing up my maternity wardrobe with some graphic tees. You can easily find cool ones that fit in the men's section. They work great at the beginning of prengnacy to hide your tiny bump and then if they are oversized they fit well later on too. I recently posted a tutorial for transforming any men's tee into a maternity t-shirt. I love mine!

4. Cute hat: I am a fedora wearer and love wearing hats to accessorize with while pregnant. I often feel like a scarf adds bulk where I don't need it while pregnant, but a hat adds a lot of character to any outfit. There are lots of cute styles out there to choose your own from.

5. Knit skirt: I love knit skirts while pregnant. Stripes are classic and you can pair this skirt with many of the other basics I listed. Try a maxi length or a midi length in both solids and prints and pair them with cute sandals!  Like I said before- they too hide pregnancy legs and keep things cool in the summer.

Other ideas that I have found for opening up huge maternity style possibilities are here and here!


  1. I have a non maternity pair of white printed floral denim that look identical to the ones you posted from Windsor! They are really fun and the floral allows me to wear them with my son since they aren't ALLLLL white.

  2. I love the idea of printed denim, but I haven't found any in maternity. Are your camo pants maternity? Surely at 35 weeks you aren't still able to wear your regular pants!

    1. Nina- I'm sorry, but my cargo pants are not maternity. I haven't been able to find any that are! I just went up like 3 sizes from my pre-pregnancy size. I can't button them at this point- but I do rubber band them. GAP does have some printed maternity denim- just no camo!

  3. So.. I would totally rock your maternity basics for summer! You already know I am all about casual comfort, so t-shirts and flowy skirts it is! Love!


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