Top Ten Garage Sale Shopping Tips: Part 2


Did you miss my Top Ten Garage Sale Shopping Tips: Part 1? Find it here! Otherwise here is Part Two of my garage sale shopping tips.

6. Know your housing demographic when it comes to what is on your list. Different neighborhoods have different items for sale. If I am looking for nice baby items, I will go to the high end neighborhoods that are relatively new. If I am looking for vintage home decor or fabric, I stick to the old neighborhoods with the retirees.

7. Don't be afraid to offer less than an item is marked. This one is hard for me, but people almost expect you too. The worst they can say is no or maybe they will even counter you. Either way, you will likely save money by not buying it or getting a lower price. I got the hat and quilt below at a garage sale for $2 cheaper because I offered less and bought both of them. It is worth it to ask!

8. The best deals are to be had at garage sales- but not on everything. I have had the best luck with baby toys and clothing, vintage home decor, furniture (ie: bunk beds, desks), kid's toys, craft supplies and sometimes clothing for me. I almost never find jewelry, small appliances, kids shoes, or clothing for my husband. Seasonal items are another thing you can find for cheap at garage sales- if you can find them that fit your taste.

9. Bring water and snacks. Otherwise you will be forced to spend your garage sale money on overpriced water or Kool-Aid. I have run a hot dog stand/drink stand at a garage sale before and it is a great way to make money- even better than the garage sale itself because people always get hungry and thirsty early in the morning.

10. Don't buy things just because they are so dang cheap. At thrift stores I tell people to take risks on items because the prices are often between $3-10. At garage sales items will be .25 and $1. The risk you run is picking up to much stuff and junking up your house. Be selective about what you spend your quarters on or you will end up having the next garage sale trying to sell all of the junk you have collected.

And that is it! What are your best garage sale shopping tips? Do share!


  1. I love garage sale season! most of our furniture and toys are lucky find

  2. I love garage sale season! most of our furniture and toys are lucky find


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