Patched Denim Tutorial


I love patches. I’ve patched here and here. This project however, was one of necessity. I got out of the shower one morning to find this.


Kesler, my two year old, had taken my sewing scissors to my new pair of maternity jeggings. And you can’t see it in the picture, but this hole is not conveniently placed. (See below.) So I was off to patch another pair of jeans.


I looked up patched denim on Pinterest for inspiration and decided I would add a few extra patches and layer several colors of denim. I cut and pinned my patches to determine placement. Then I used fabric glue to adhere them to the pants. Be sure to spread the glue very uniformly and thinly so that it doesn’t seep through the fabric. The lighter denim I used was actually chambray and the glue did soak through. I had to use a second layer of chambray on top of the first.


After I glued the patches, I opened up the outer seams on the legs so that I could use my machine to stitch around each of the patches. Then I turned the pants inside out and sewed the seams back up. The edges of the patches have frayed a little bit, but I don’t mind the look of it. Overall I am really happy with the result, I wouldn’t have done it originally, but sometimes necessity creates the best results!



IMG_5485bTop: Gap Maternity, Jacket: Thrifted (American Eagle), Jeans: Old Navy Maternity, Shoes: TOMS


  1. These turned out great! I've love for you to link up to My Style Monday.

  2. Great idea! :D


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