Faux Succulents DIY {Nursery Notes}

I have hinted, okay more like talked and talked, about the fact that I am hard at work on the nursery right now. I am so happy that some things are starting to come together and I can’t wait to know myself what the end result will be. (It is still kinda fuzzy in my mind!) That being said- I have plenty of projects I can share that all belong to future baby’s little habitat.


I am not a big plant person, but I swoon over succulents and tiny cacti. I always have. In my kitchen I have some live succulents that have almost died many a time. Somehow I can’t manage to take care of them properly. I wanted some in the nursery, but am certain they wouldn’t get enough light in there- let alone water or any other care. So I was forced to find or plant some fake ones.


Michael's didn't have any pre-potted ones for me so I bought a few basic supplies. Three stems of succulents, some faux moss, and three small terracotta pots.


First, I plugged the hole at the bottom of the pots with some hot glue and a piece of cardboard so that no moss could escape.


I cut the plant heads off that I wanted and then bent the stem to fit at the right height inside the pot. By leaving this much of the stem on I didn’t have to use anything but moss filler to keep the plant from falling too low in the pot.


Fill in the pot with moss and mess with it until it lays how you would like at the top of the pot. Voila! You are done! I envision these going on a small shelf somewhere in the nursery- out of the reach of little hands. I love that they don’t look too fake and will add a bit of (faux) life to the room!


  1. These are adorable! And I really thought they were real!

  2. this is a cute idea. and they really don't look fake. i'm a plant killer, so this is a good idea!
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  3. This is so brilliant. There's nothing more disheartening than killing a succulent -- which I have done EVERY TIME I've gone near one.

  4. Great idea! They look so real too!

  5. Wow...they look so real!! Love them!


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