Easy Waves for Short Hair- Tutorial


I haven’t always had short hair- for most of my life it has been long actually! But for the last year and a half I have had it near this length and I love it! Short hair requires me to do something with it every day and that has pushed me to try new textures, waves, curls, and colors. I have done a tutorial for my loose curls look and for no-heat curls. Today I want to share a wavy hair tutorial that is inspired by the crimped hair of my high school days.


To start you’ll need a few supplies. My go-to’s are a heat protectant spray (CHI Iron Guard), a styling spray (Slickline from Sally’s), volumizing mouse and hairspray (Big Sexy Hair), a fine tooth comb and a straightening iron.


Start with dry hair. I put in my volumizing mouse while it is wet and then blow dry. As you can see- I need as much volume help as I can get! This can also (and often is for me) be a second day hair style. Just put in a small amount of dry shampoo before you begin.


Section off your hair and start with the bottom layer. Apply a little heat protectant spray and then styling spray.

You will essentially begin crimping your hair with your flat iron. Clamp it down on a one inch section of hair near your scalp and angle the hair up. Then let go and move down an inch or so. Clamp down again and angle the hair down. Move again and then angle the hair up again. Alternate directions all of the way down the piece of hair.


When you get to the end of that small section finish the pattern by flipping it out or in. Grab another inch section of hair and start opposite to the previous piece. If you started the previous piece flipped up, start then next piece by flipping it down first. You want to alternate how the waves fall with each section.


Once you finish the bottom layer, apply hairspray to set it and move up to the next layer of hair. I like to tease each section of hair a little near the top before I crimp it so that it has more volume near the root. Use your comb to do so.


Set each layer with hairspray. If you don’t like how a piece turned out, it is easy to go back in and make a more defined wave by holding the flat iron clamped down for longer and angled correctly.


Crimp the top and the front last. These are the most important part of finishing the style so take your time creating your waves. It won’t turn out the same every time because your are crimping by hand, but it also won’t have that uniform look from a three barrel curling iron or a crimping iron that dates your look. The haphazardness of these crimps/waves is more modern.

Finish with one last coat of spray and you are done!





Feel free to email or comment with any questions! Enjoy!


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    1. Dry shampoo is a powder or aerosol that you put in your hair, mostly at the roots, to absorb the oils and dirt. It can extend your hair for a day or several without washing it. My favorite is
      Suave also has a cheaper version that works fairly well.

  2. what exactly do you mean by crimp?


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