Tribal/Geometric Print Curtains DIY


As I continue to Spring clean and get projects done before the baby comes, each room is getting a little makeover or sprucing up. I painted the kitchen last year and have slowly been decorating, but it needed a pop of color mixed in with all of the neutral colors. I found this rug at Target and loved the poppy red with the gray and the geometric pattern on it. It became the jumping point for the kitchen.


I wanted to use the red throughout the kitchen so I decided add a print to the white muslin curtains that I had hung last year.  A potato print seemed like my best spur of the moment option so that is what I went with.

I cut my potato in a shape that mimicked the rug pattern and then mixed up my acrylic paints to match as closely as possible. Mixing up enough in one batch was the tricky part.


Then I spread my curtains out on the kitchen floor over some old towels and got to stamping. It took a few tries to get the right ammount of paint and I had to shave off a few edges so there was no interference with the shape. Each time the stamp was heavier or lighter on the opaqueness, but I didn't mind because I spread them evenly.



I let them dry for a few hours before hanging them. I love how the pattern turned out and the personlity it adds to the kitchen. The fun thing is that you can do any pattern or color so I feel like I can easily replicate this project anytime to change out my pop of color in the kitchen. I used the leftover paint to paint the plant pots I had in the window and on the counter to add even more color.





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