Thrifting Finds and Tips: Chambray Maternity Tops

 I love denim and I love good denim or chambray shirt.  I  really dislike all of the maternity chambray tops out there that I have found because they all have elastic at the empire waist point. It looks too blousey for my style. So, last week I tried wearing my husband's chambray shirt belted with some black skinnies and boots. His shirt is large on him, so on me it was REALLY big- even pregnant. I thought it looked okay for the trip to Target, but it needed some alterations for long term wear. (Get ready to laugh- I swear it didn't look this huge in real life!)

 He has two  denim shirts so I asked if could have one and take it in in the sleeves and the body. I still liked how long and over sized it was and with some tweaking I thought it would work great. But he said no. I can respect that- he wears them a lot and they look great on him. So what was my next move? Hit up the thrift store to find one of my own. And of course I totally scored. Thank you Savers- the diamond shaped studded snaps were an unexpected treat. I have already altered it and will wear it next week to show off this amazing find. 

Chambray Men's Shirt: $5.00

While there I perused the Spring racks of short sleeve tops and scooped up these goodies. The animal print is pretty wild, but I recently ordered some white maternity skinny jeans and both of these tops will look fantastic with them. 

Gray Leopard Short Sleeved Sweater- $4.20
Silk Tiger Short Sleeved Blouse- $4.20

Anyone else hit up the stores this week??


  1. that denim shirt was an awesome find!

  2. i went thrifting today and i got some amaaaazing finds too :)

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