InstaFriday- Staining

This past few months I have been experimenting with self tanner for the first time. I am loving the results but clearly don’t have it all figured out yet. Proof here between my fingers where I applied while watching a movie and apparently the movie got really interesting. I didn’t wash off this residue and I’ve had orange between my fingers for days as a result. Any tips from you long term users would be welcome! Thank you to those who chimed in on Instagram. If you aren’t following along, you can find me here.


Not only did I stain my hands this week, I also stained these little unfinished boxes from Target’s dollar section this week. I stained them all with Special Walnut stain and have dispersed them throughout the house. I’ll post a few photos soon just to give you an idea of how many ways they can be used!


Church was especially long this week and I need to get better at packing new entertainment in the church bag. This week I did throw in some stickers, but I didn’t intend for this to happen. Whatever works though- it it quietly entertains we go for it.


Something else that didn’t go as planned was this little craft. I made ‘Moon Sand’ with the kids on Sunday in hopes of a fun activity to let me get dinner ready. It is only flour and baby oil, but somehow I envisioned it being less messy. I’m not sure why. Easton did fine with it, but Kesler was a wreck. Just imagine that someone dropped an open bag of flour over his head. That is about the gist of it.


I’ve been working on decorating our downstairs landing/entryway this week. New paint and some new décor. Random space to spruce up I know, but with no solid nursery plans, anywhere in the house is fair game for nesting. I LOVE how it turned out but here is a sneak peek for now.


I just had to share a shot of these goofy guys. They crack me up everyday. The sight of them in the bathtub swimming with goggles tonight had me laughing out loud. Soren came home tonight and was immediately under surprise attack by the boys dressed in footie pajamas, belts, swords, sheaths and capes. Hilarious. At one point Kesler had won the sword fight and had Soren on the ground. Soren taught him to say, “Stand up! Fight like a man!” I could. not. stop. laughing. Hearing my two year old spout that phrase is priceless. Might be worth a Vine video.


Have a photo worthy weekend!  Linking up to Instafriday at Life Rearranged.


  1. Looks like your kitchen might have looked like mine with the moon sand! At times, more was on the floor than in the tub. My house smelled great though...

  2. I can't wait to see what you are using the boxes for. I have one that I just recently painted and added a cute knob! I'll be posting it soon. xoxo


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