InstaFriday- Snow Days

We have been getting snow, snow and more snow here. One big storm last week and another a few days afterwards. Before it hit most people were running to the grocery store to stock up on food and who knows what else. I ran to Lowes to pick out and buy house paint. Gotta have a project lined up for the time home right? I ended up with the lighter color and am LOVING how it looks. What an upgrade on the flat painters grade paint we have been living with!


We got outside in the snow after it calmed down and had a good time. We made a snow man, shoveled a bit, and froze some little fingers.


A few cat naps were in order too.


And more than a few treats. Pudding, monster cookies, popcorn…



Soren was able to be home for a few of the days and surprised the kids with a snow cave in the front yard after he was done shoveling. He planted a little visitor in there and scared them half to death- until they realized it was Kesler’s stuffed animal! Then Easton declared it the funniest trick ever!



  1. That trick was cute! I love it!!!

  2. Yay for snow days! You should link up with Jeanett at LifeRearranged. Have you ever done that?


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