InstaFriday: Easter Prep

With Easter around the corner, I feel like Spring is in the air!  We have had a great week of preparing for Easter- from teaching/learning about the real meaning of Easter to prepping Easter outfits to decorating cookies.
My sewing machine has been in the shop for two weeks now and I finally got it back. It works beautifully and I started on my backlog of sewing projects right away. First up was my skirt for Easter. The tutorial I followed was really easy and I actually whipped up two skirts at once for good measure.

We had a great family night on Monday where we had a little lesson about the crucifixion and resurrection. The kids did really well and caught on quickly. I am amazed at what their little minds can process and remember at such young ages. We also watched this little video and then decorated sugar cookies. Easton did the decorating- Kesler ate the frosting.
We are hosting Easter dinner at our house this year and I'm trying to keep it low key- but we will see what happens. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with family and friends!

Have a photo worthy weekend!  Linking up to Instafriday at Life Rearranged.


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