Essential Shoes for Spring and Summer

Basic Shoe Wardrobe for Spring

You know that shoes can make or break an outfit. The right pair can pull an outfit together and the wrong pair can ruin it entirely. I have had several friends ask my advice about building their shoe wardrobe so I am here to share a list of essential shoes to have in your closet for Spring and Summer.

Classic Nude Pump

1. Nude Pumps: A nude pump is the right color of pump for dressy occasions during the upcoming warmer months. Pair them with a blouse and trousers for work or a pencil skirt or dress for a special occasion. You can even wear them with boot cut or cropped skinnies for date night. Suede works with denim, but stick to dressier fabrics with a patent nude. Nude wears well with khakis, whites and grays.

Low Boots for Spring/Summer

2. Short Boots: Ankle boots and short boots are not going anywhere so why not pick some up now as they go on sale? They look darling with skirts and Summer dresses. Pair them with cropped skinny jeans and a short sleeve top in the Spring and wear them with a cotton dress in the Summer. Brown is easier to wear than black, so I’d recommend a shade of brown that you love. Don’t be afraid to go a little masculine or cowgirl with your boots- it all adds up to your personal style.

Flats for Spring and Summer

3. Colorful Flats:  A pair of colorful flats can really add a pop of fun to any outfit. It doesn’t really matter what color you choose- just find one that you love and it will likely go with the other colors in your wardrobe. I really love these leopard print or black and white print ballet flats- they add interest by adding a pattern with neutrals. For a no-fail look, change out your brown flats for some coral or some teal ones this year.

Flat Sandals for Spring and Summer

4. Flat Sandals: Flat sandals will be your go-to in the summer, but stay away from those foam flip flops! There are SO many other options out there that are just as easy to slip on and just as comfortable too. Your look will improve 1000% just by wearing a real sandal! Metallic sandals are a big deal this year and I love that many of these options have a little metallic detail or pop of color.

Sneakers Spring and Summer

5. Cute Sneakers or Slip-Ons: For days at the zoo or outings where a lot of walking is involved you also need a comfortable pair of shoes. Pick out a cute pair of sneakers that have fashion as well as function. I LIVE in my TOMS because they are so comfortable, but luckily they are cute too. You can go with Converse, TOMS, Keds, or any other brand that fits a similar look.

Wedge Sandals for Spring and Summer

6. Wedge Sandals: Wedge sandals are a must for hot dates with the hubby, girls night, and all of your upcoming events where you want to step it up, but still be comfortable. You can choose the angle of wedge that works for you, but find a neutral pair that you love. Wedges are casual, but sexy. Pair them with jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses- any summer outfit to take it up a notch. Watch your confidence grow as you add an inch or two!

I hope this gives you some ideas for what to look for this Spring as you build your warm weather wardrobe. Feel free to send any questions or comments my way!


  1. Thank you for posting this! I'm trying to figure out what to wear to Snap! So this is soooo helpful. Thanks! :)

  2. I think I am officially ready for Spring. I have one of each. Great post!

  3. How did I miss that you'll be at Snap?!? Soooo excited! Hope I get a chance to say hi! xoxo

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