Entryway Decor- Hello Sign


We have a split-level home and before we bought it, I knew that most people don’t love them. I haven’t minded it until I realized how hard it is to decorate the entryway! There is no room on either landing for furniture and the stairways have a lot of wall space! I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I did come up with a great way to add some color and fun to our downstairs entry.

Inspired by this fun front door, I decided to make my own 'hello' sign. I wanted it to be dimensional, so I picked up some adhesive foam core board for my lettering. You could make your own stencil or print out a pattern, but it was faster for me to free hand it.


I chose how large I wanted it to be and sketched my lettering. I then carefully cut it out with an unfortunately dull Exacto knife. I would recommend a sharper one for cleaner edges.


After I had it cut, I chose from my paper stash and used the adhesive to stick on the orange-red paper. I used the knife again to carefully cut around the lettering and did my best to cut smooth lines. You can see the lines aren’t perfectly smooth, but from a distance it is less noticeable. And that is it!


I set my ‘hello’ sign inside a large empty frame that I hung above our coat hooks. I got the metal tin from Pick Your Plum and stuck some coordinating fake flowers in it. I love that I can easily change the colors or the word to change up the whole look of the entry. You can see all of this from the front door and it helps fill the void of the awkward split level entry. Perfect cheery decor for Spring!





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