WIWW- Camo Skimmers



Shirt: Target Maternity, Vest: Thrifted (made by me), Pants: GAP, Shoes: Target

My husband rocks. For Valentine’s Day this year guess what his gift was to me? Yep, camo pants. He ordered them on his own and I can’t think of a more dreamy gift. They have been on my wish list for months and he delivered. What husband gives camouflage pants for the holiday of love? Mine. 

These GAP Skimmer pants are fabulous. I LOVE the length and they have the perfect amount of stretch. And what else am I loving? This denim vest- that I made myself. Come back for a tutorial tomorrow!


Shirt: Target Maternity, Cardigan: GAP (tutorial here), Scarf: Target, Skirt: Pick Your Plum, Shoes: Old Navy

I am loving this knit midi-skirt that I ordered from Pick Your Plum a few weeks ago. It was a great deal, but it is also super comfy. I almost like it better than a maxi length. I can’t wait to style it for warmer weather, but loved pairing the red/coral with tan and leopard.

Coat: North Face, Leggings: TJ Maxx, Leg Warmers: The Chic Orchid, Boots: Walmart?

We have been dumped on this week! So, so, so much snow. This coat was one of the first things Soren bought me after we were married and I am still in love with it. I had to style it once on the blog before winter was over. A cute coat and leg warmers make me feel slightly more like playing outside in the snow. We really did have a good time making a snow cave and snowman as a family, but hat is enough for me. Now lets have a good melt and a little green grass.


  1. I have been wanting those camo skimmers! so cute!


  2. totally adorable! and you rock those camo pants!

    If you want to take a look, here are my outfits for the week:


  3. Came here via pleated poppy! Just got my GAP camo pants last week after they went on sale. Except in my case, I looooove them and my husband mocks them!
    You look great!

  4. I love that your husband got you camo pants for Valentines Day! Sounds like he knows you pretty well! I love that coat - it looks so warm!

  5. Youre adorable, I hope Im that stylish when Im preggers!

    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  6. I love the camp skimmers! I used to hate anything camo but I'm obsessed with it now. I bought a pair this past weekend and can't wait to style them! Love your little preggo belly too! Congrats!

    Julia @ Glitter and Juls

  7. oooh! i love your camo skimmers and those booties :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  8. Ok, so first of all, you are just darling! Your little belly is so cute! Congrats! and secondly, camo pants from Gap! Doesn't get any better. :) Love the whole look!

  9. Oh my gosh, LOVE that first outfit! Those camo skimmers are too cute. I love how you styled them! And aren't those booties the best? I can't stop wearing them.

    A Devine Life

  10. Such cute maternity (or any day!) style!

  11. That camo pant fits you perfectly, and they are super flattering. :D You look great.

  12. I'm pretty sad that I got rid of all my camo a few years back...should have known it would be back!


  13. All your outfits...love!
    Camo pants look awesome!


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