Thrifting Finds and Tips: Sizing


Saver’s had 50% off for President’s Day and you know I can’t miss those sales. Especially when I woke up to an unsolicited text message from a friend offering to watch my kids so that I could go as long as I shopped for her too. Thrift store shopping, without kids, and working as a personal shopper? SOLD! And was I glad I went!
I have had my eye out for a white cotton dress to wear with denim and boots this Spring and I got lucky this week. I found a brand new one from Old Navy which was marked $18, but luckily I was there on a sale day. I also found a blush lace crop top that was iffy on the hanger. I knew I had to try it on to be sure. It could have gone either way, but I found that I loved it!

Blush Lace Crop Top: Forever 21 $2.50
White Cotton Dress: Old Navy $9
Teal Necklace: $4

Since I had extra time to comb all of the racks, I did and happened to find this vintage, graphic baseball tee. It was a size Large, but that is perfect for my pregnant tummy right now and even when I am not prego- it can then fit loose and cool. I also snagged this size 15-16 black and white polka dot skirt. It is huge on me, but one seam up the back and it will fit just fine. The black and white is spot on for Spring trends.

Graphic Baseball Tee- $3
Polka Dot Pleated Skirt- $1.50

I also wanted to show you all of the tags from my purchases this week so that you can see how varied the sizing is. In my Top 10 Thrifting Tips I mentioned how important it is to look in sections other than your own. Don’t stick to just the Women’s medium sections even if that is your size at Target. Check the smalls and the larges, and the XL’s. Things can easily be altered, worn loosely or are mis-sized. Look at all of the good stuff I would have missed if I had stuck to the Maternity smalls!


Have you checked out your local stores yet? I'd love to hear about it!


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