InstaFriday-Single Mommin' It

You may know that this time of year gets really busy for the hubby. He is an accountant and once January hits I get to adjust to single mommish life. It’s hard to have him gone so much but I tend to get a lot of things done while he is away if I stay motivated. Then I get overwhelmed and depressed by it all for a bit. And then I perk up a bit once it becomes the new normal. This week was a good one and I’m so glad I have a lot of things planned and in the works to keep me busy.
I opted into the nerd glasses trend this week. I’m late so we’ll see if I can pull them off for long, but so far I think they are growing on me.
Mom and I have been sewing like mad for the shop, including prepping the new tags that came in. They are so perfect!
The boys and I went bowling with my family one of the days that Soren was out of town. Easton was SO excited to go. He has been once before and requested many times to go back. He literally jumped around so much that I was convinced he had to go potty. He did great and Kesler had a good time too. Pizza, bowling, Grandma and Grandpa? What could be better? (Ok…add Dad and some ice cream too!)
Nothing like a little thrifting to keep me busy and happy. A good find always perks me up and gives me my shopping fix on the cheap. Love finding cute clothes for my kiddos!
I have been working a mini bathroom makeover recently too. Can’t wait to share before and after's! Isn't it amazing what new paint can do for a room??

Have a photo worthy weekend! Linking up to Instafriday at Life Rearranged.

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  1. My hubby is off at a Master's Degree class this week, I'm like you, super productive for the first few days, then I just miss him! Hoping for a quick tax season for you all!

  2. I totally understand about being depressed for a bit, then adjusting to your "new normal." Usually after the first week of my hubby being gone, I get into my routine, and usually, right when we get used to our days, He comes home and everything goes out the window! But this time, adjusting to him being gone, and with the third baby- I don't think I've been productive in months! So do all your projects now while you can :) I'm counting down my days until I'm not a single parent...I can't wait!!!

  3. My single mom stint last's Dec - Feb and it's called basketball season! (Hubby's a coach). Way to be productive and keep busy... it really helps. Cute glasses :)


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