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I am so lucky to be a momma of these two (almost three) little boys. Since Easton and Kesler became a part of my life, they have certainly taken over, but in such a rewarding way. When my husband is busy and working, these guys are my constant companions and my best little friends. There are still long weeks, days, and afternoons of figuring out how to be on my own with them all of the time, but in some ways maybe it pushes me to be a better mom. I hope I can make up for some of the missing Dad and the limited family together time. I know I lose my patience too often and have too many pity parties too- but fingers crossed that I am growing in this and making progress as a mom.


I go stir crazy staying home so I am grateful my boys do well on errand outings with me. I think we have a pretty good time no matter what we are doing. An ice cream cone or a QT slushie can sweeten the deal a bit.


We had friends meet us at IHOP last week for International Pancake Day and free pancakes. It was a ZOO! The pancakes were delicious, but a word to the wise- go at lunch! Dinner time was so busy and my kids would have acted a little better had we gone earlier in the day. It still was a fun time and great to get out with other moms.


Kesler has always had a harder time sleeping than Easton. He slept with me for longer as a baby and took forever to sleep through the night. For the last 4 (?) months he has been sleeping on the floor by his door rather than in his bunk bed. These days he has been crawling in with me in the middle of the night. Who knows what to do with him?!? Anyway, the other night I couldn’t find him on his floor, in the hall or in my bed. I was so pleasantly surprised to find him up on the top bunk with his older brother. I just melted.



Honestly, I am not an outside person. I don’t do outside unless the conditions are PERFECT. But as a mom of boys, this poses a problem. I know I don’t go out enough, but I was awfully proud of myself for joining them on this rainy day. We booted up and went sloshing. Totally worth it.


This week I had my monthly freezer meals club. This is the second month I have done it and it has been dreamy. I go once a month and cook with my friends at a local grocery store. We pick out our recipes ahead of time and the store does all of the prep work. We just show up and assemble our meals. Then I go home with 10 new meals to try and all I pay for is the cost of the food itself.  I am LOVING having real meals in the freezer at all times, trying new recipes, and that each meal lasts our little family for more like two meals!

(I had some interest on Instagram when I posted this photo about what meals I am liking. Are you interested in Saturday recipe posts of the meals we like the best from this class? I’d love your thoughts!)

Have a photo worthy weekend!
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  1. Ooohhhh, yes please share the recipes! I so wish we had something like this available in our area.

  2. What grocery store does that? I'm in the KC area. It sounds great. BTW--aren't we lucky to have QT?

  3. yes! I would LOVE the recipes (only if they turned out though ;)


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