Easiest, Quickest, Dress Refashion. Ever.

I found this dress (if you can call it that), at the Goodwill Outlet on my last trip. I was scanning the bins for patterns and fabrics when my eye caught sight of this beauty. The black and white and square polka-dots (polka squares??) was screaming my name. I was pretty sad to see what bad shape it was in. Some previous owner had chopped off the sleeves in a horrendous fashion.

photo (2)

See?? They literally chopped the sleeves right off!!! There were also big brown (coffee?) stains on the skirt and even some blue (crayon?) marks too. So a lost cause right?? Well seeing as I was only paying .79/lb. for stuff at the Outlet, I decided to take it home and see what I could do.

photo (3)

And, guess what? With a little stain remover all of the stains came out of the skirt. I then proceeded to continue the hack job and cut the skirt off of the dress. My plans were to hem it at least at the top….but plans changed when I found the fabric didn’t fray. Why do more work than that? So I left it. I literally spot cleaned it and cut the skirt off of a dress. Voila- the perfect skirt for Spring!

photo (4)

I tried it on over my belly and it mostly stayed up. I could have tightened the elastic in the waistband, but I opted for a belt to hold it up instead. So easy! I got the look I wanted with a little gamble at the thrift store and minimal effort at home. Win-win!

I debated whether this refashion was worth a blog post, but I decided that it is because I hope it gives you a new idea or perspective on thrifting and re purposing clothing. This may be simple, but sometimes it is the simple ideas that make a difference! So when you are out thrifting- don’t put something back because of a few possible problems. If you LOVE something about the item (like the pattern)- take it home and work with it. You’ll be so happy when it pays off! I sure was when I put this outfit together and it worked!!


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  1. Kilee!!!! This is fantastic. I'm so glad you posted this. I would have never thought of turning it into a skirt.

  2. Cute--I love old clothes just as great fabric resources. I will buy stuff at Goodwill and cut it up to make stuff, way cheaper than actual fabric store prices!

  3. I wish I had a goodwill outlet by me! I would love to get some refashion finds so next to nothing. Love how you changed this piece into something fabulous

  4. What a great idea! So, so cute! {and I love how you pulled the whole outfit together}

  5. Hi! New reader here. I love your blog!

    I am so impressed with what you did with the dress -- it made such a cute skirt!

  6. Kylee are you kidding me?? I am LOVING this!! You did an amazing job and you are absolutely gorgeous! Pinned!

  7. I'm LOVING the polka-squares as well. I love patterns that are unique.

  8. this is awesome!! I'll have to keep refashion in mind .. I havne't done it yet.

  9. It's a darling dress! i actually just like the colours.
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  10. This dress is amazing. The three components execute so well together and I just really like the little collar! I'm thankful I have just found your web page, I can see myself following through post after post and getting a lot of inspiration for projects for my two kids. I'm willing for seeing what you make next :)

  11. Nice dress, I really Like all these clothes
    j'aime votre image de vetement femme enceinte

  12. Beautiful. Great idea!!! Where can you get clothes for .79 a pound???? I want to go there!!!


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