Thrifting Tips- Part 2


Today I wanted to share the rest of my Top Ten Thrifting Tips. If you missed Part 1 last week, you can find it here. Like I said last week, I am a huge advocate of thrift store shopping. It is cost effective and a great way to build a unique wardrobe that fits your style. My unique thrifting score this week? Vintage LL Bean Wellies in almost new condition. I am in love with the black and white dog print on these red boots. What as score for $5!!


So ready for this week’s tips?

6. If you are a mom- go alone!  But do take a friend if you can. It can be done with kids and without a friend, but if you are like me that will also mean texting photos to a friend and bribing your kids to cooperate for the shortened trip. Taking kids means you have a time limit and your brain is spread thin so the fun might be sucked out of the hunt.

7. Check out other sizes than your own. There are so many reasons for this tip! Older clotheing is sized differently than clothes today so you will fit into vintage skirts, dresses, and pants that are marked as larger sizes. Also stuff isn't always where it should be in a thrift store. I have found that depending on the brand or the style, a sweater or button-up top may look better oversized. If you like the fabric, something that is too big may be perfect for a refashion. This top was not in my size, but I know the brand runs small and since I am pregnant, it should be super comfortable for spring. I love the fabric!

IMG_3939 - Copyb

8. Take advantage of sale days. Some of my favorite thrift stores, like Saver’s, are also pricier. My favorite days to shop there are the 50% off days that they have on certain holidays. That is a huge savings! Also find out if your stores offer coupons for donating. This almost new American Eagle military jacket would have cost me $15 on any other day, but I got it for $7 on half off day. And I love it so much- it would have totally been worth paying the full $15.


9. Look at fabrics. To really find the good stuff, my strategy is to peruse the racks by scanning the fabrics. There is often too much to look through, so this helps narrow down what I pull out to examine or try on. I look at colors, patterns, and the wear of the fabric. Most of the treasures hiding in thrift stores can be picked out by these three variables. I picked this fur coat out of a huge coat rack because the fur looked brand new, it was a great color, and looked on trend. After trying it on, I passed because of the fit, but I really thought it had potential on the rack.


10. Know your style. Don’t be afraid to say no to something.  This is my last tip because I think it is one of the hardest to exacute. Until you have thrifted a lot, you may not quite know your personal style or what is worth taking or leaving at the thrift store. I often find great things while I am shopping and think, “Someone needs this!” But that someone may not be me. If I can find the right person for it then I will, but other times it is just putting something great back because it is just not my style.

For example, the green jacket below looked great on. It really was cute, but I couldn’t see myself reaching for it to wear more than once. The dress was brand new from Target and would look darling belted with some wedge sandals this Spring- but it wasn’t my style either. I passed on both of them, but someone should have bought them!

               IMG_3938 - Copyb   IMG_3940 - Copyb

What other tips do you have? Any questions on any of my suggestions? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Wonderful! I'm a big-time thrifter! I'd love to have you come share some of your projects at my link party that just went live!
    I'm your newest follower!

  2. Agree with the leave the kids at home. If not, I get a kid's book and let them peruse it in the cart. Found you through the oldies but goodies blog hop.

  3. Those are great tips! They make me want to go hit up the thrift shops tomorrow!

  4. Awesome - Will have to find some time without kids to go and look at my local shops. The last time I did this all the time was when I was in High school

  5. Love this series Kilee! I used to be a big thrifter before kiddos...You are inspiring me to start thrifting again!

  6. That is exactly my problem. I think it is nice and so dirt cheap that I have to buy it. So hard to admit that it just is not my style and put it back.

  7. You didn't get that green jacket?!?

  8. I want to go with you sometime. I love your style maybe you can help me with mine!

  9. Great ideas...I agree with all of them. I love thrift shopping too, and have learned to scan for fabrics, buy bigger sizes, and especially, leave my kidlets at home (where they're happier anyway) if at all possible. I should shop with a friend more though. I think that would be lovely. Lynaea @

  10. Great tips! I'm a thriftaholic! Love the hunt for great thrifted goodies.

  11. Great tips. I've been thinking of them when thrift shopping lately. Going back to #1, I found an item on my list last Saturday. A whole-house humidifer that would have cost me $140 in the store brand new set me back only $7 at the thrift store only slightly used- I'd say less than one season. A bit of wiping down and a $20 replacement filter later, and I get to cross one of those big items off my wishlist without spending big money.

  12. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Crafts - you were featured today!

  13. These are great tips! I find things by browsing the fabrics on the racks too. Otherwise, my arms get too tired constantly going through the racks. I have found great things hiding in other areas or sizes too. I love what someone said above about letting your child read a book, while you browse. When my husband is with me, our 2 year old, usually ends up riding some toy up and down the aisles. The last time I went thrifting, I really started thinking mindfully about whether things were actually my style or not, so I love that tip!



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