InstaFriday-Fresh Ideas

Don’t you just love days when you get a flood of new ideas??!! Kesler and I had a lovely trip to Target yesterday and came home with a bundle full of new projects. My afternoon of no plans turned into potato stamping and watercolors with Easton. I can’t wait to share what we came up with!
How cute are these tiny mail boxes from the dollar section at Target?!? My boys love mail and I couldn’t resist.
We had an eventful weekend and thankfully everything ended well. Soxie never came home Friday night or Saturday morning. Soren looked for her with no luck and we all thought she was lost for good. We have coyotes and the weather was so cold that night. Through an amazing turn of events she turned up in a neighbor’s garage late on Saturday. We are so happy to have her back- and so is Gunner. It just wouldn’t be the same with only one of our kittens
We also finally got a new fridge over the weekend. It had been out for a week and we were using our front porch for a cooler. Getting it inside was a beast, but the new appliance is wonderful and I’m so grateful to have a freezer again!
The boys and I had a fun lunch date at McDonald’s for playgroup. Poor Kesler is still too short to climb most of the Play Place, but we all enjoyed a few french fries, chicken nuggets and ice cream with friends. Can you believe the size of those ice cream cones?? The gal at the register surely was not considering the size of the people she was handing them too. We were eating them for forever!
I do wish my chocolate shake would have lasted a little longer. Why are they so good??
Have a great weekend! See ya Monday!
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