Instafriday: New Year

Happy New Year to our family! We starting things off right, just like a lot of you, with a terrible stomach bug. Like I mentioned last week, poor Easton was out sick for a week. I’ve never seen him so, so, so sick. Kesler and I both had it too, but we managed to pull out after only a day or two. I’m convinced there is not worse condition for momma or the family than mom being sick. The worst. And be glad I didn’t document that with photos.
We did get to go to our New Year’s Eve party with friends and it was a welcome relief to get out and laugh a little. Of course we didn’t get any photos to document it! Highlights included these and this game. We all ate so much and laughed even more.
When I haven’t been sick on the couch, I have been on an organizing and cleaning spree around here. It feels like nesting may be kicking in. This week’s mission has been to reorganize the kitchen and my OLB work spaces. I may need to hire professional help… AKA my mom. I almost feel like Spring cleaning, especially when you consider what ended up I my cart today at Wal-mart- new fabric for me, new fabric for ties and lip gloss called Strawberry Shortcake. Looks like Spring has come in January around here.
I have also been working on some new things for OLB and for the blog. I have a jewelry DIY coming up next week that Easton helped me with. He drew up the prototype and got it spot on. Love it. Don’t expect much to change in the tutorial or the finished project.
Have a great weekend and be sure to take some pics! See ya Monday!

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