How to Join to Blog Link Parties Through Facebook

Did you know I host a weekly link party here at OLM for kid's fashion? Every Wednesday is What Kids Wore Wednesday where mommas share what their babies, toddlers or kiddos have been wearing. I started it because I know a lot of momma's aren't excited about sharing their own outfits with the world, but they love to dress their little ones. Kids look good in everything right?!?

In the past I have found that only bloggers link up to these parties with a blog post of their own. But now I have found out that you don't have to blog about your kiddo's fashion in order to share it- you can post and share a picture through Facebook!

It is really easy- you just need the specific URL for that photo. Here is how you find it.

1. Share a photo on your wall- your personal FB or on a page.

2. Underneath your name or your page's name- you'll see the time or day you posted it depending on how recent it was. Click that time or day of the week.

3. This will take you to the photo you uploaded and you can copy the URL from above.

4. Use that URL where it says Add Your Link at the bottom of the link party post. Title the photo and leave your email address too. Click submit and voila! Your photo will be shared with all of the other cute kids that week or whatever link party you are joining.

So get ready for this Wednesday! Just snap a photo of your little one's style and share it- with FB and at OLM!!

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