Trend Spotting: Emerald

First up- did you enter our giveaway this week? It's a fabulous prize and just in time for Christmas! Go enter!

Now onto trend spotting.....As a self proclaimed trend spotter, I feel like this post is coming a little late. Should I have predicted this? Who knows. Either way the 2013 Pantone Color of the year was announced this week and I would be remiss if I didn't mention it now.

If you haven't heard, Emerald was named the color of 2013. I am thrilled about it. Green has always been my favorite color and something I easily gravitate toward. This year will be my year for color. I just wanted to put up a little Emerald inspiration in case you want to start now. (Don't use this as an outfit inspo!)

I inadvertently started early when I picked fabric for my holiday dress. I had to include this lace one in my collection because it is so similar to the one I am making- for a MUCH smaller price tag.

Trend Spotting: Emerald

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