Trend Spotting: Wedge Sneakers

If you follow me on Instagram or FB then you saw the debate last week about the wedge sneakers that I couldn't decide on. I bought them at TJ Maxx and took them home to feel them out. They are pretty out there, even for me so I put it up for a poll. My husband said they looked cooler off than on and voted no. A lot of you voted yes.

I ended up returning them because I just wasn't 100% sold on them, but I think we'll be seeing more of these in the future- maybe even on me. I did some research and found a few more sneaks that I think have potential. If you go for them, I'd style them with leggings, rolled skinny jeans, and maybe something a little more feminine to oppose the sportiness.
Trend Spotting: Wedge Sneakers

What do you think? Is this trend short lived or will these be everywhere next spring??

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