Trend Spotting: Studs

I've been seeing a lot of studs lately, and I don't just mean my guys. You all know I like my fashion a little edgy so it's no surprise that I crave a few studs in my wardrobe. I love the phone case, the clutch and the basic stud earrings.

If you are willing to get a little more daring, try studs on a sweatshirt, a cardi or a chambray shirt.

(Side note: As an expecting momma, I see those studded shoulders and just imagine a little one trying to lay their head down on my shoulder and shudder at the thought. I think these are for mommas of older kiddos and date night.)

Trend Spotting: Studs

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  1. Get OUTTA here with that studded tiger striped sweater!! Love love love it. Two things - could you BE any more adorable? And two - hi to a fellow KC area blogger! Just found you yesterday and am so glad I did!


  2. P.S.
    I am wearing today my favorite earrings as of late - just like the Kate Spade's in your post (but for way less, I'm sure). I found them at Standard Style Boutique on the Plaza.

  3. LIke you I LOVE the trend but can't see how it practically can fit in my wardrobe as a mama to young kiddos.... maybe on the shoes? Love the look though.


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