Instafriday: Feeling Good Again

I have been feeling so much better lately. I am officially 13 weeks and I think over the worst of the sickness. I have am amazing myself at how much I can do when I am feeling good!
Some girlfriends and I went to see the last Twilight on opening night. It was really enjoyable and a great night out- especially because we got into a 10pm showing, not a midnight one!
I bought my first pair of legit leather boots last week as an early Christmas present. Of course I had to order 5 pairs to determine which was the one for me. The UPS guy said this was the biggest box from Zappos that he had ever seen.
Kesler has been a little disobedient with the markers lately. I’ve had to put them up in a cupboard for safe storage for the first time because he has been coloring on the back of chair, window sills, the cat’s house and even his own hands. He woke up from nap with the pink marker from his hands all over his face.
The kittens sure are tolerant of the boys’ playing. They let them carry them, lay on them, squash them and all kinds of things. I love catching sweet loving moments like this.
We have been so blessed this year in our business. We have had tons of support and so many great customers. It is a lot of work getting all of our orders out, but we are so grateful at the end of the day.
And last item of news, the bump has arrived. It feels bigger than it looks and I have to rubber band some of my jeans. I feel more pregnant already than I am. My hips are sore and lovely varicose veins from last pregnancy have shown back up. I guess pregnancy number three should be showing some wear on this body.

Have a photo worthy weekend!

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  1. I want to see what fun boots are in that big Zappos box! So many fun things going on for you...glad you're feeling better! Have a great weekend! I'm seeing Twilight tomorrow (finally) with friends...can't wait!

  2. Okay, that picture with your son and the cat is adorable. Just thought I'd let you know.

    The Broadcloth

  3. Were those the new Frye boots you were wearing in your Wednesday post?? love them! I just got some Frye Campus boots on Ebay. The calves are a little more narrow than I would like for tucking in pants, but I love them!


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