Instafriday: Our Week

Friday’s are the day where I share a glimpse of what’s going on with our family. I love the micro-blogging approach of Instagram- it allows us to share such candid, small moments!
I picked Soren up at work for a date on Friday night. We went boot shopping and for some reason he didn’t think it was a date- just an errand! The nerve! We still had a good time and maybe even success. We’ll see if the boots I ordered work out. 
The kittens have been pretty spoiled around here. Soren makes them scrambled eggs and shares his ice cream with them. For some reason they now think that anytime we eat, they need a taste. (Thanks a lot Soren!) Kesler and Gunner shared some oatmeal for breakfast- he doesn’t mind sharing.
Saver’s had a half price day last week and we took advantage of it. I went with a friend and we helped each other shop and entertain the kiddos. I found a lot of great things for me, Easton, Kesler and even a future baby girl! (Still have fingers crossed for this time around!)

Have a photo worthy weekend!

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