Instafriday: Sleep Troubles

Welcome to Instafriday! Every Friday I post family photos from my Instagram feed to hopefully help you all get to know us better. Last week the whole family went to the Home Design and Remodel Expo. We were hoping for some fun ideas to use in our house, but it ended up being a lot of vendors for new windows or a new roof. Soren got some good ideas for garage storage and the kids had fun playing on the model beds and Jacuzzis.
On a rainy day last week we did some indoor activities. We tried colored vinegar and baking soda on a cookie sheet and also made car tracks with making tape in the living room. Thank you Pinterest.
I was super excited to get my metal stamping set in the mail. I know this trend is a little old, but I still think it has so much potential!
Kesler went with me to vote while Easton was a preschool. He loves being my little helper on our errands on school days. He did a great job letting me fill out my ballot and the sweet little old ladies rewarded him with some cake.
We moved the kids to bunk beds a few weeks ago and its been trouble ever since with Kesler. He will not stay in his bed! He falls asleep at his door every night and wakes up in the morning every morning next to his door- even if I move him into bed before I fall asleep. As a result he is so tired! He has been falling asleep everywhere, which is so unusual for us!

Have a photo worthy weekend!

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