Instafriday- Life with 3 Kids

Ok, so we don't really have three kids yet, but I've been feeling the effects of a third one in our life for about two or three weeks now. Mostly I’m feeling exhausted and thus grouchy- pretty much all around like a stellar momma. I’m grateful for the days that I do feel well because I know I need to make the most of them! We have done a few fun things this week and like always, you get to see them through my camera phone.
We stopped at Saver’s this week looking for some Halloween items and instead came home with a little Christmas décor. This will be the perfect addition to our built-in bookcases come the holidays.

On Saturday Soren was playing with the kids in their room and this is how I found them. Noodle ‘cooking’ man-style. Unfortunately ever since then Kesler has demanded a plug-in appliance for playing with noodles. I smelled waffles in their room a few days ago and went in to find an abandoned waffle iron PLUGGED IN and cooking noodles! Scary!!!
A girlfriend was in town for a few days so several of us had a girl’s night down at the Plaza. I talked them into eating at Brio again because I have been craving this salad so badly. The steak salad at Brio- try it!

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch for an hour this week. It was cold! The kids had a great time but I wish we had bundled up more. We’ll go earlier next year.
We are still having fun with the kittens. Gunner, the boy, likes me the best and will sit with me every night. The first problem we need to solve with these kitties is that they STINK! My house used to smell so good! We haven’t found the right litter or the right place for the litter box yet. Ughh.
On Halloween I had a migraine all day. Miserable. The kids had already trick-or-treated at Soren’s work and at church so we all stayed in that night and handed out candy. They had just as much fun answering the door.
Baby #3 didn’t want to be left out. Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Have a photo worthy weekend!

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  1. Try the cat genie litter box. We have 2 cats that are 12 years old and tried everything throughout the years. This is the one that finally worked! Our house never smells like a litter box and I don't have to scoop. It is more expensive up front, but it lasts a long time and their customer service is fabulous (as well as the warranty)!

  2. Your boys look so alike! We have two boys and the fun stops there. I am already putnumbered :-) a big congrsts on baby 3 xx

  3. congrats!!!!!! love the shirt too!

  4. congrats!!!!!! love the shirt too!


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