Trend Spotting: Statements

The big news in jewelry this fall is making a statement. You can pick your weapon because its all game this season. You'll see statement necklaces, statement earrings, statement bracelets and even statement watches!

I have always been big on my statement earrings, but I'm coming around to the statement necklace. My first safe bet was the J Crew Bubble Necklace and although it's not original, I love styling it!

When you wear a statement piece, forgo almost any other jewelry. With a large necklace, do minimal or no earrings and no bracelets. A few rings will look great too.

Here are a few statement necklaces that I am digging right now.
Statement Necklaces
And the other big statement piece right now is a great pair of earrings. Like I said, I love big earrings and will rarely see me without them.
Here are a few of my favorites right now. Like with statement necklaces, forgo a necklace with large earrings or keep it minimal. Bracelets are far enough spatially from the earrings that I say pile them on!
You'll also see ONE little MOMMA's statement watch featured; this watch is perfect for this trend. It mimics the stacked bracelet look and can be dressed up and down. I love mine!
Trend Spotting: Statement Jewelry
What statements have you been making?

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  1. Newest follower here! Great trend post! I just did a trend post too!


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