Shop Update: Fall Festival 2012

This past weekend ONE little BELT had a booth at the local town festival. This was our second year here and this year proved to be better than last. A couple of friends and I shared a booth which works so well. The booth fee is cheaper, you have friends with ya all day, and you don’t have to man the booth the entire time!
The festival was all day Friday and Saturday and the weather could not have been better! There were so many nice people that came by and were genuinely interested and impressed. I really feel like all of us in the booth will see a boost in local business in the coming weeks.
Here are a few photos of our set up. Having a tent with walls was an extra luxury this year and I would really recommend it.
Along side our belts and ties I had some of our Chain Statement Watches and bracelets from ONE little MOMMA Shop. I love my watch and am excited to have more in stock! More gold ones are coming soon!
Our ties were a new product for this years festival and they sold quite well. I will have some new colors coming out this month.
These are my little toddler mannequins and I forgot to style them until the day before the event. In a pinch I picked up this little leopard cardi and put it with a color popping teal belt. See that ruffled shirt? I made it! Doesn’t is just add the right touch?
My boys came up to see me on Saturday night. They all went camping on Friday night and had quite the adventure. It was so fun to see them. Easton asked, “Do you live here?” I guess that summed up my weekend.
Thank you to everyone that came by and saw us! I really sold mostly to friends and old acquaintances which is awesome. You can do that when you live in your hometown.
I should have some new product up next week. Stay tuned!
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