Instafriday: Seasonal

Happy Friday! Have you made it to the pumpkin patch yet? Carved pumpkins? Finished Halloween costumes? We have been up to a few seasonal things and I have tried to take a few photos along the way.
We haven’t made it to the pumpkin patch yet, but I’m aiming for next week. Have you seen these pink pumpkins? They are new to me and I snapped a photo at Wal-Mart. The color was somewhat pink which is fun, but I’m not sure about the shape of them. They are so lumpy!
My recent haul at Savers didn’t disappoint. I found two pair of moccasins and a great pair of camo pants for Kesler. They look awesome on him!
Since I am cheap, we picked up our pumpkins at Aldi and have already done our carving. Am I the only one who thinks the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch are ridiculously priced?? We spent Friday night doing them and the kids had a blast. They didn’t care where we bought them.
Poor Kesler wasn’t feeling so hot all weekend. He put up an unusual amount of fuss for naps and bedtime and got himself pretty worn out. This was a rare moment of falling asleep with Dad on the couch. So nice.
We made cinnamon rolls on Sunday and not only did they turn out enormous, they tasted amazing too. I didn’t have cream cheese for the frosting so we tried maple frosting instead. Best idea ever.
You may have noticed an unusual amount of phone quality photos on the blog lately, aside from Instafriday. This is because I lost my kit zoom lens. How do you lose something like that? I have no idea. Anyway, I finally gave up the search and ordered a nicer replacement. I can’t say I’m too sorry about the purchase.

Have a photo worthy weekend!

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