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I’ve had some new exciting projects in my life this week- specifically shoe projects which I am excited to share in the next week or two. One of them you can see the start of below. Painting my TOMS. They turned out awesome and I can’t wait to reveal.
Every Friday we go to a music group for toddlers at our church. The moms in our group volunteer to teach for a month at a time and the kids do seasonal songs and a little dancing. My kids usually just observe. And sometimes snack. (The glasses were props for a song.)
Preschool has been going great for Easton. I think he likes going to his friends house’s and comes home a little smarted each week. I still try to do some school work with him at home.
This is a common scene at our house when Dad gets home. Notice he hasn’t had a chance to change out of his work clothes yet. The boys just attack him and ask to be thrown around and lifted “higher!”
We had our booth at a local fair this past weekend. My brother Broch makes these watches for me and he did a drop on Thursday. I have gold ones coming too. I love having inventory in stock!
My souvenir from the fair I worked was a few bracelets I picked up- the turquoise stones, braided leather, and braided black and red fabric. I added them to the stack. I should mention that my other souvenir was one Soren bought me when I sent him to get food. He came back with no food, but a handmade wooden necklace holder for me. I’m excited to hang it up in the closet and it was a thoughtful surprise.

Have a photo worthy weekend!

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  1. the toms look so cute!!! can't wait to see the whole thing!

  2. We also have a music group at church every Thursday. Do you call it Music Makers?

    Loving those bracelets!

  3. Loving your blog & photos! Those bracelets are so so cute! Xo


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