Shop Update: How DO You Make a Belt?



Soon after we made our first belt for our little boy, I decided I wanted to turn it into a business and sell belts for babies and toddlers. After some discussion, I convinced my husband, Soren to learn how to make leather belts. This decision prompted countless trips to the leather store (which I previously didn't know existed!), late nights cutting leather on the linoleum in our tiny apartment kitchen, and many hours of hammering rivets on the wet cement of our porch in Seattle.

Because so many people ask us, “How DO you make a belt?”, I thought I would share a few photos that I snapped during the belt making process.
We start the process with full grain double shoulders of leather. These full sheets of leather really make our garage a leather shop.
We use a strap cutter to cut the leather sheets into straps and trim the ends. We edge the edges and paint them.
We punch the proper holes in the straps with specific punches.
We then stamp our brand into the leather. Notice the rivet is our ‘O’?
We then rivet the buckles into the belts.
The finished product!

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