Curious George Birthday Party- Simplified

Last week my youngest turned two and we had a little family party with just us and my parents and siblings. I have had a lot going on lately (like a fridge breaking down!) and I wanted to have a cute party, but not fuss too much over it. I decided on a Curious George theme because George is one of Kesler's favorite characters. I did a few Pinterest searches and then searched the stores for anything Curious George. Turns out no one carries anything in that theme right now so I  had to wing it.
I went with red, yellow and blue as my theme and added in a bit of George here and there. Since we had a family dinner I didn’t do much for snacks, but we had chips and dip, no-bake cookies and Curious George cupcakes. Table decorations included bananas, mini-bananas, a Curious George book and of course George himself.
The garland I made out of the leftover images that I had printed for the cupcake toppers. I just strung them on some twine and used our chalkboard as a backdrop.
The cupcakes were just chocolate cupcakes with yellow buttercream frosting. Easton helped me cut out and tape the Curious George heads to popsicle sticks for cupcake toppers. He loved helping! (Can you spot the upside down George?)
PBS Kids website had a lot of cute party ideas including these printable party hats. We printed them on cardstock and made them ourselves for everyone.
For the dinner table décor I stuck with the primary colors and then used the cups and plates to make ‘yellow hats.’ I wrapped electrical tape around the edge of the cup and easy-peasy just flipped them over.
The party turned out great. My kids were happy, it was just cute enough and it was easy to do! My kind of party.

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