Adding Details to Ankle Boots

Have I mentioned enough times that I am in love these Dolce Vita boots? They are the perfect black ankle boot- not too dressy, not too casual and with a pop of brown. I have previously mentioned that I have been looking for a cheaper version of the same look and kept coming up empty. One day while browsing the Target shoe aisles I saw a simple black pair. They were the right shape, but a little plain.
Once I got them home, I started thinking about how to create the DV look with my Target boots. I realized I could add my own ankle straps with a few simple rivets and some faux leather.
The supplies I used were 12 sets of size small antique brass rivets and a rivet setter, three faux leather belts, a leather hole punch and some boots.
I cut up several faux leather belts to the lengths I needed to wrap around the ankles of each boot. I then used the hole punch to punch a hole near the zipper and riveted the first strap in.
I wanted the straps to cross so I started the first strap near the top and wrapped it around to rivet it farther down.
Then I wrapped a second strap and riveted each end.
You can see the difference already between the before and after. I added a third strap a well.
It was such a surprisingly easy project and made a dramatic difference in these boots. I just love the detail in these boots now and wear them all of the time. Not to mention they are such a low heel that they are great shoes for mommas and really comfortable.
                 IMG_8717b IMG_8572
I’ve been on a shoe makeover kick lately- what have you been making over? Leave a link in the comments- I’d love to see!
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  1. I love this!!!!! What a great idea, and cute and easy way to accessorize a pair of boots! LOVE it, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Wow, who'd a thought. I am so glad for blogs like yours. I really honestly would never have thought to make my own. either I go without or spend way too much then regret it later. love the idea!!

  3. I'm so glad that I'm following you! LOVE this idea!


  4. Kilee, I'm in love with this refashion! I'm doing a little feature on my blog in the next few weeks called Sew and Tell. I would LOVE to feature this one along with the other refashions people have submitted. The deadline is tonight, but just for you I'll extend it a day or two if you can get me your photos asap.

    Here's some more info and the submission rules:

    If you're interested, I'd love to feature you!

  5. Was googling to try to figure out what to call these: but I found your blog and am happily sidetracked! So creative :)

  6. okay this is an awesome idea and as soon as these come back in stock I am buying them! Could I send them to you to put the leather on them? No seriously! I would pay shipping to and from and whatever the materials.

  7. LOVE these boots!! I was just trying to figure out how to utilize this pair of skinny leopard belts - NOW I just need to find the boots!! FAB idea!

  8. came to your blog via Merrick's Sew and Tell. Fabulous boots! This project alone would be worth getting myself a rivet-er!

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  10. I have those Target boots...and I just happened to check out those Dolce Vita ones online and loved them...then I found this tutorial...Coincidence? I think not. More like stars aligning. xoDana

  11. I love what you did with creative and easy to do!!

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