Trend Spotting: Dots


So polka dots.  I know they have been around for a while now. And I was not buying in at first. I think Swiss dots are cute for little kid decor, but on me? I'll stick with animal print and stripes.

I even have a polka dot  wrap dress that I wore on my wedding day as my going away outfit which I bought last minute and basically never wore again. My husband loves that dress for sentimental reasons and has tried to get me in it and I refuse. Polka dots are not my thing.

Until I saw these. (Actually I saw Target's version, which I like better, but you get the idea. I am such a sucker for Target's printed and colored denim.)

American Eagle outfitter

 It turns out that polka dots can be done cool. And they are not all equal. Two examples can be seen here and here.

I put together a few dotted items that I would buy and style. Not all together mind you. But individually all of these items are my kind of dots.

Trend Spotting: Dots

If you haven't tried dots, start simple. I'd recommend a simple dotted scarf or even the ballet flats. If you brave the skirt, pair it with a plain t-shirt and a denim jacket. I've seen a number of safe, cute dotted cardigans that anyone could try at Target or Old Navy.

So do you own polka dots? How have you worn them?

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  1. I just bought those American Eagle jeans. I'm still a little afraid to wear them!

  2. That jeans is awesome!!!! What is Target? is that a shop like H&M?
    Do you have ZARA in USA? They have also awesome pants, black with grey flowers...I think I am gonna buy one...



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