Instafriday- A Good Mix

Hey all, Happy Friday! I’m back with a mess of phone photos from our week. If you are new, each Friday I rehash our week through grainy, filtered Instagram photos.
To start off, check out these darling bowls from the dollar section at Target this week! Can I say that the dollar section was killing it this week? We spent way too many dollars on adorable fall knick knacks.
Keeping it real, we basically ran out of viable dinner options this week. I finally crafted a meal plan and shopping list and made it out on Wednesday, but not before we had tin foil dinners for supper. I’m not going to lie, they were delicious.
Banana pancakes also held us over until we restocked. They were pretty good too.
This week registration for SNAP Creative Blogging Conference opened up. I snagged my ticket as soon as it went on sale and was lucky enough to get one. It will be in Salt Lake next April and I am super excited to go!
The skeleton jammies made plenty of appearances this week too. Easton is quite the climber in that tree.
Another snag from the dollar section was these lined white boards, markers and mini erasers. I got one for each of the kids and they have been having fun. Easton and I play a game where I draw something and he adds onto the picture. I drew this cat and he drew himself catching the cat. I love it!
We had a hummingbird get caught in our garage. It couldn’t find its way out so Soren caught it to help it escape. He showed it to the boys and we all got to see it up close.
I made a full batch of monster cookies today. It makes about 9 dozen. And they are the best cookie ever. This is typically a dangerous combination, but several dozen are going to a charity bake sale and others are going with me out of town this weekend. Hopefully the rest will be eaten and gone by the time I return.
My boys all love their archery. Soren was shooting in the back yard today and so the boys wanted to practice too. Easton is quite good and was so sweet to help Kesler learn how to set up. I just love how he calls him ‘Buddy’.
Easton and Momma

Have a photo worthy weekend!

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  1. I Love monster cookies...def dangerous! Awesome Target finds...that place is dangerous too! lol! I've never seen a hummingbird that close before...CUTE!!

  2. Those monster cookies are uh-maz-in'! Just like that sweet hummingbird! happy fall! Saying "hi" from Life-rearranged!

  3. My hubby loves shooting his bow, too. The kids have their own "play" bow from cabela's.


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