Shop Update and Great News

What new this week with OLB? So, so much! We have a lot of exciting up and coming changes, additions and opportunities.
To start with, some of our new fall belts are up for sale in our shop. The black patent faux leather belt is back in stock and perfect for the upcoming seasons. I also have a mustard yellow belt with a CUTEST heart buckle listed and ready for fall. Can you just imagine this tiny belt around a toddler or baby girl?

We also have a new addition to OLB in the form of Soren's brother Reagan. He visited us this last weekend and I roped him into helping me at our vendor event.

He has been working with leather making bracelets since he was a teenager and was eager to get working in Soren's leather workshop. We are working on getting him set up at his location, but he will hopefully be making belts for us soon. I am most excited about the braided leather belt he made for us and we will soon be able to offer to you. I'm telling you, it is the most perfect braided leather girl's belt you have ever seen. So excited to add it to our leather belt selection. Preview coming soon......

Speaking of hiring family, my brother Broch and I have been working on a special side project as well. I'm excited to tell you all about it soon. What I can say is, look for a ONE little MOMMA Etsy shop coming soon.

Last on the list is that we are looking to do some heavy advertising and giveaways this fall to get our brand out there more and to spread the blog as well. If you have suggestions for who to advertise with or would like us to advertise with you, let us know. Leave a comment or feel free to email to onelittlemomma at gmail dot com.

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