Instafriday- Score!


Each Friday I post pics of our happenings around this crazy house. And you’ll see it through an Instagram filter.

This week it felt like I scored all week. Lets start with a foodgram. Chicken salad and fresh peaches. I die.


My Dad scored on Sunday when we celebrated his birthday and he received his very own tarantula as a surprise gift from the family. You won’t believe me when I say it was really cute- although I did not want to touch it. He is an artist at Hallmark and plans to keep it at work. Artists can do that.


This kids were pretty thrilled when we hit up Baskin Robbins for a family date. Last time they got the ‘blue one’ and learned their lesson. This time they went straight for the chocolate-Oreo-goodness.        

             IMG_2295[1]     IMG_2296[1]

Soren’s best friend from high school and his family stayed with us on Sunday night. We had a great time catching up with them. I think Kesler thought Isla was pretty cool.


        “Snakes”- by Kelser, age 1.5                             First success writing his name on his own, age 3

IMG_2301[1]      IMG_2305[1]

My best score this week was at Savers, a very nice, local thrift store. It is also expensive which is why I never go except for 1/2 price day twice a year. But I needed a pick me up and they are open late. Good thing I went! I found a great chambray shirt for me, sparkle heels, mocs and a vintage tee for Kesler and a great gingham button-up for Easton. Well worth the trip.


The kiddos had a lot of fun at LEGOLAND. Also expensive, but not as thrilling for me at my above haul.           

          IMG_2314[1]    IMG_2315[1]

This is a shot of another huge part of my week. ONE little BELT has a new vendor event this weekend called the Mama Market. I am sewing and getting inventory ready like mad. Sort of. Well I should be.


Linking up to Instafriday at Life Rearranged.

Have a photo worthy weekend!


  1. That spider pic has my skin crawling!! EEEKKKK!

  2. Artists can do that, have spiders at their desks on purpose. Ha. That made me smile. I just went to Savers and when I got to the register found out that everything was on sale. I didn't plan it, it just happened. Score! Have a great week! (found you through Life Rearranged)


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