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Welcome to Friday! Each Friday I post pics of our happenings and you’ll see it all through an Instagram filter.

I honestly have the best week to report. Sorry for the photo overload today. On Saturday we went out to lunch with my Mom and the family to celebrate her birthday. We ate at a fancy little pizza joint and a unique little ice cream store next door. The food was good, but the ice cream was really fun. I tried fresh corn flavored ice cream. Ca-razy. The cream cheese flavor is what I got though- so good.

After lunch I got dropped off at the Kansas City Art Museum. All through this past spring some artsy friends and I did a figure drawing class on Saturday nights. We are starting up again this fall and to kick it off one of the gals planned a trip to the art museum to help us get inspired. I was about an hour early for the meet-up and although I wasn’t sure how to deal with the alone time at first, I quickly got into the swing of it. It was so relaxing and wonderful to wander the grounds and the modern art exhibit alone.




Lunch before the museum. What a perfect Saturday.


I have been coveting a necklace like this for some time. I had a stroke of genius when I realized we could MAKE one. I grabbed some chain from an old necklace and had Soren pull up a seat with his Leatherman. Within about 20 minutes we had one whipped up. I wish it was a little bigger but we were limited on materials. I’m planning on making a tutorial for one soon. Love it.


Monday was my birthday, but on Sunday evening Soren mentioned to me that we were going to my parents to have some kind of birthday celebration. I wasn’t expecting much and didn’t feel real great after a crummy nap, but I got ready anyways. Ended up wearing my sparkle heels just because I could. (I ended up being very glad later that I had dressed up.)


Soren had me drive myself over to my parents with some excuse for arriving late. I drove myself and the boys over and we waited for Soren. I was slightly annoyed, but thought maybe he had a gift to hide or something. When he got there, my mom ended up surprising me with AMAZING Snicker’s Pie and we blew out lots of candles. Easton and Kesler blew out some too.





We opened gifts and cards next. I got some very clever cards and money from all of my brothers.


And then I opened my floral jeans. “Aaahhhhhh!” I love them so much.


After we opened gifts Soren whispered to Easton that he and Kesler were going to sleep at Grandma’s house that night. Easton quickly relayed the message and didn’t hide his excitement. I then told the kids and everyone goodbye and was whisked away in Soren’s car with no explanation. After driving toward the city for a while, I found out that my mom and dad had the kids for the night and the next day. We drove to a hotel downtown and checked in for our first night away from both of the kids. I was over the moon! What a great, REAL, surprise!

Soren had stayed home to pack my bag and the kids’ bag for the overnight. Once we got to the hotel we examined what he had thought to bring me. He did pretty good except for forgetting about 80% of my make-up. We figured it out though. It was so nice to spend time together and sleep away in a fancy hotel. The best part was not really knowing what was coming and not having to be responsible or plan anything.


The next morning I got to sleep in, do my nails, read e-mail and go shopping. We shopped on the Plaza in Kansas City. I found the PERFECT hat for fall and a great necklace at Forever 21. I picked up some make-up at Victoria’s Secret and tried on the wedge boot I want from J Crew. We ate lunch at Brio and just had fun together.



It was such the perfect birthday/anniversary getaway (Our anniversary was Wednesday). And the kids did pretty well with my parents- which hopefully leaves room for more grandkid sleepovers in the future.

Have a photo worthy weekend!

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  1. Let me guess that the great pizza and ice cream were Spin and Glaze? I love those places! I love all the pictures btw

  2. You look so happy in these pics! So nice to see that smile. :) Can't wait to see it in person!!

  3. What a wonderful husband you have to plan all that for you. Kansas City looks lovely. And the food amazing. I'm stopping by from Life Rearranged link up.


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