Instafriday- Lights Out

Each Friday I post pics of the happenings in our busy lives. And you’ll see it all through an Instagram filter.
Business keeps me busy and getting new product in was one of the highlights of the week. This  mustard belt makes me swoon. Oh, if only I had a toddler girl of my own to dress this fall. So sweet. More to-die-for product is on its way next week too.
Easton took and posted the next photo to Instagram for me. I’d say its an accurate snapshot of life right now for me aside from my kids….computer, invoices, and a dessert cookbook.

IMG_2337   IMG_2324

We used our zoo pass one more time this summer and went with all of our best friends. Easton and Will always have a great time together. I just love seeing my kids form great friendships!


On Thursday I started noticing a light red rash all over my stomach. It was hard to see on the places I was tan, but upon examination it was everywhere. I woke up with ca-razy red polka dots all over my entire body on Friday. I went to Urgent Care to find out I am allergic to an antibiotic I had been taking for that Staph infection. Go figure it never ends. I warily started taking steroids for the hives and crossed my fingers for no other reactions.


Over the weekend we had a vendor event which you can read more about here. I busted out some creative displays for our merchandise and had a great time with Joelle and her daughter Lauren.

IMG_2320   IMG_2348

Who doesn’t want to drink juice and eat giant peeled carrots while lying on the kitchen floor?


Its been so hot that my kids barely even remember what a park is, but we managed to hit up one this week. The stream they always throw rocks into was totally dried up. It was pretty sad, but a good opportunity to talk about weather/rain/why we need rain.

IMG_2365   IMG_2366

Car wash!


I had to restrain myself from buying these floral jeans today full price at Target. They are so on my birthday list. Who else wasn’t surprised that Soren hated them? #husbandsdontunderstandfashion


Speaking of needing rain, tonight Soren met us to go swimming and we only lasted about 15 minutes before an INSANELY extreme thunderstorm rolled in. The wind was unbelievable. We made it home safely, but lost our electricity. I am blogging on laptop battery life and using my iPhone for internet. Who knew everything we do needs power? The boys got books by flashlight tonight. It was very cozy.

Have a photo worthy weekend!!!


  1. Happy InstaFriday! I'm your newest fan. :) Please check out my InstaFriday post if you have the chance.


  2. Love those jeans...the good news is that they are likely to go on sale at Target :) Stopped by from InstaFriday!


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