Instafriday- Brownie Bling Pothole


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Each Friday I post pics of our happenings and you’ll see it all through an Instagram filter.

We haven’t had a lot of family time together lately because the job Soren is on at work has been INSANE. What accountant works busy season-like hours in the middle of summer? Mine.

Well, we finally got some time together on Saturday and made the most of it.


We all took a trip to get the front tire fixed. The tire place happened to be next to Saver’s so we all took a trip in while we waited. I really don’t shop there as much as it sounds here on the blog. Or maybe I do.

Anyways, what I should have gotten a picture of was the over flowing SECOND shopping cart we had. 2 carts you ask? Well it turns out that Soren had never been to Savers before and being the fix-it type of guy that he is, saw potential at every turn. It was so hilarious to see the items he saw as possibly helpful project supplies. I mean they all did have potential, but notecard organizer boxes are a dime a dozen at a thrift store and they are there for a reason. No one actually uses them. We had 4 about to go home with us. I helped him weed through it and he had a good laugh too.

Anyways it was awesome to actually have a participating, fun hubby there with me. I found a few deals including this small counter organizer for my little office stuff. (Ignore the business card info…new cards are coming my way and will include our new logo, the blog, and a NEW phone number as well.)


That night we also all went out to get some ice cream, my choice. Now, I am particular about my ice cream. I want it to be full-on custard, smooth and halfway melted, and MOSTLY toppings and or mix ins. Honestly in most cases the ice cream is the vehicle for the topping. My top picks for an ice cream dessert are Sheridan’s or Culver’s. We don’t go often, but its worth it when we do. Guess what I ordered at Sheridan’s this weekend? The Brownie Bling Pothole. De-lish.




I don’t intend spiders to be a theme around here either, but this was another photo op that I didn’t pass up. Daddy Long Legs actually are the worst and most offensive spider in my book so imagine my feelings of finding this on the kitchen counter. Turns out someone had killed it. And left it. So sick. Thanks babe for fighting the spider and leaving his carcass as evidence.


Replenished the veggie grab bag supply in our fridge for the week. I almost won’t eat a vegetable all day if I haven’t precut and bagged it for the road. Neither will the hubs.


Naked baby shot.


Cooler temps this week mean we are making it to the park again. I always feel like a better mom after a trip to the park. I think they have fun while we are there too.


Have a photo worthy weekend!

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  1. That is such a great idea with the veggies. I always cut them on Sunday nights after grocery shopping, but hadn't thought of putting them in snack bags instead of in a big rubbermaid container. Your boys are so cute! Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm a new follower.

  2. Cute photos! I need to start preparing veggies ahead of time, I know we would eat a lot more!

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