Instafriday- Apples, A's and the Number One


Welcome to Friday! Each Friday I post pics of our happenings and you’ll see it all through an Instagram filter. Last week ended with some unexpected and very enjoyable visits from old friends. Soren’s old roommate and his wife and baby drove through town and stayed overnight. We stayed up way too late catching up with them, but I really loved getting to know them better. I LOVE having guests stay so please, please stay with us if you are passing through! Friday afternoon I was able to pick up my best friend from high school and hold her captive for a few hours before her college roommate reunion kicked off. We just got to chat with minimal interruptions and it was wonderful to catch up. Isn’t she gorgeous?   

On Saturday I made good on my promise and went to the shooting range with Soren. He has been wanting to take me for ages and we finally went as part of our anniversary. It was a quick trip, but enough for me. I have almost never shot a gun before and I couldn’t have expected how it would feel. I am super sensitive to noise anyways, so just being in the shooting range was stressin’ me out! I think with more experience it will be less nervous-sweat inducing.
The boys and I broke out the Halloween and fall box. I only put up a few fall decorations, but the costumes were irresistible to a few little boys I know.
Our co-op preschool started this week. Four other moms and I are taking turns teaching for the year and for some crazy reason I volunteered to go first. Who knew how stressful teaching preschool could be?? I mean, I should say it has been really fun and gone mostly well. But its tough. I teach for 2 weeks straight, twice a week and then I don’t teach again until January. I think it will be good, but I’m definitely still adjusting.
The themes this week were apples, A’s and the number one. Kesler and Easton helped make the snack each morning. The first day it was apple sandwiches and animal crackers. On Thursday it was applesauce and Ants on a Log.
Kesler helped by stuffing handfuls of chocolate chips in his mouth while I chopped apples.
Apples, peanut butter, and three chocolate chips. It was actually pretty good.
So we have a old schoolhouse chalkboard in our kitchen. I didn’t know I would actually be using it to teach with when we got it, but man is it handy.
Best Buds.

I just returned home from a birthday dinner for a friend. Like so many things as a Mom, it was so hard to get out the door. So stressful to make dinner for everyone else, wait for the husband to be late get home, pick an outfit, clean up, blah blah blah. BUT it was a really refreshing night out with a few very fun ladies. I’m so glad and grateful I was able to go.
Happy Birthday Katrina!
Have a photo worthy weekend!
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